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Legendary Industrial Designer Karim Rashid

I had just 5 minutes to get the shot.

A few years ago, I was commissioned by "Home in Canada" Magazine to capture the cover art of the incomparable Cairo-born and Canadian-bred Industrial Designer Karim Rashid whose work is featured in 20 permanent collections. His pieces are exhibited in museums worldwide, including the MoMa, Centre Pompidou, and SFMOMA. He has been dubbed "The Prince of Plastic" and "The Most Famous Industrial Designer in All of The Americas" by Time Magazine.

The kaleidoscope of texture and color in his showroom in Midtown Manhattan, where I took this photo, practically VIBRATES with passion and energy, much like the man himself.

Karim entered, and the room was filled with silent awe. His team sat quietly at their desks, intently demonstrating that when the 6'5" LYNX of a man was around, it was to be all business. With his crazy glasses and tattoos, Karim is a spinning work of art in his own right!

He only gave me five minutes to get this shot, and the Art Director couldn't believe I did it! After downloading the images to my desktop, I saw the timestamps of the pics. (The first to the last shot was actually less than 3 minutes apart). I had no time for adjustments to lighting, no time to adjust the set, and certainly no time to look at the images on the back of the camera. Set up, sit him down, shoot, shoot more, done.

I honestly believe that sitting motionless for that long was a stretch for this whirlwind of a man! He was nevertheless a gracious host and exuded confidence, depth, and positivity. It was an unforgettably joyful experience.



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