The Downtown

  • Studio & Natural Lighting

  • 2 Looks

  • Online gallery of images

Recommended for actors who are adding to or updating a portfolio with a specific look in mind.


The Midtown

  • Studio & Natural Lighting

  • 3 Looks

  • Online gallery of images

Recommended for actors who want to add diversity to an already solid main look.


The Uptown

  • Studio & Natural Lighting

  • 4 Looks

  • Online gallery of images

Recommended for actors who are building a new portfolio that want to explore various looks.



  • $150 for Men

  • $200 for Women


  • $35 Per Image

  • 3 Images for $100


  • Returning clients receive $50 off

  • Students always 10% off

How do I schedule a session?

Please fill out the contact form below or e-mail me directly for availability. In order to run a successful business, I do require a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 to reserve a session. This deposit can be made via credit card at:

contact form: click here


phone: 212-352-1186

What should I wear?

In general, avoid clothing that is too baggy or has complex patterns, logos, or designs. Simple, attractive, and form-fitting is best. We are looking to "suggest" the roles you plan to go after. 
When you book a session, I prefer to have a clear conversation about your type and the looks we want to go for so we have a more efficient, purposeful session.

Do you use studio or natural lighting?

I shoot both studio and natural lighting. It depends on what light works best for you and what looks we are hoping to achieve. In my amazing mid-town studio I have HUGE windows that let in incredible light. Additionally, I have an array of professional lighting such as strobe, tungsten, and high-powered continuous LEDs.

Do I need retouching?

Digital retouching is an art and I have a professional retouch artist with over 15 years of experience that I can recommend. Standard retouching is available for $35 per image. Of course, not ALL of your pictures need retouching, just the one(s) you plan on using to promote yourself. Retouching is a must if you are planning to print your headshots.

What constitutes a look?

A "look" is a character or essence you're trying to convey through a change of clothes and/or style. A working actor needs to show DIVERSITY on their website and acting profiles. A good rule of thumb is to have 1) neutral look that captures "you" plus 2-3) more specific character looks that are more "suggestive" rather than over-the-top representations of what your type is. Looks typically involve a change of wardrobe and/or hair (taking off or putting on a coat or glasses is NOT considered a change).

What is the "online gallery"?

After your shoot, your images will uploaded to Reproductions. They will prepare an online proof sheet (gallery) of your headshots with a unique link that you can share with others. There is no additional cost for this service when you book a shoot with me, otherwise it's $27.50. You are also able to order prints and/or retouching services through them. If you'd like for the retouching to be completed in-house at my studio with my retouch artist, then let me know the image number and it will be sent to you via e-mail within 48 hours after ordering.

The prices listed above are for actors and performing artists only. For corporate and commercial quotes please inquire.

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