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Hume Cronyn: A Grand Gentleman

From his on-screen portrayals, I expected he might be gruff...

...but he was a complete gentleman, a real old salt!

He was living in Fairfield County at the time with the lady he remarried following the death of his incredible wife, the talented actress Jessica Tandy who originated the role of "Blanche Dubois" on Broadway. He later married the renowned children's poet Susan Cooper, a wonderful person, and they resided in a beautiful home in Greenfield Hill at the time.

Hume was a well-known Canadian actor who had a long and illustrious career during the golden age of American theater and film. Who can forget his co-starring role with Tallulah Bankhead in Alfred Hitchcock's classic Lifeboat?

Later generations mostly knew him from Cocoon as well as Batteries Not Included.

I found him wonderfully amusing. When I inquired if he enjoyed a nearby premium French restaurant, he replied "No! Too 'PISS ELEGANT'!".

He had also hired me to photograph Susan Cooper for promotional reasons, which was a great gesture. I was ready to offer him a discounted rate as a courtesy, but he insisted on paying my standard amount. "Always hold your price", he said emphatically.

Hume was lovely man, a fantastic actor, and his work will forever live on in this crazy business.


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