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The Provocative Emma Myles

Emma's ability to take...

...direction in front of the camera was one of the qualities that most struck me. Knowing your type before a headshot session is crucial! Specificity is key: the wardrobe, background, lighting, hair, makeup and expression all must fall in line and support each other to create that moment that grabs a casting director's attention!

Emma's natural ability and specificity explains why "Orange is the New Black" cast her in a major role. I was very compelled by her in front of the camera as well as by her performance on the Netflix show. During our session, it would have been simple to portray her in a one-dimensional light, but I used the subtle shadowing and direct, intense gaze to create a "character" that was immediately recognizable. Emma is gifted in her ability to grasp the subtlety of character in front of a camera.

Emma has also been in several guest roles including "Law and Order: SVU" and a suspenseful psychological thriller "Alone with You".

She was a wonderful example of how being specific and prepared can totally make or break a headshot.


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