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The Colorful Linda Thorson

I've had the pleasure...

...of photographing Linda Thorson twice in the last 10 years. Linda, who played Tara King in the original The Avengers in the 1960s, is a hoot. Linda has had such a varied life and has so many interesting experiences to tell!

She had a fling with Frank Sinatra, among others, in addition to being married to newscaster Bill Boggs.

She told me a wild story about a cab fight she had with Lauren Bacall in front of The Dakota. Ms. Bacall appeared to be late for a performance in the musical Applause. For the cab, it became a knockdown, throwdown struggle to the finish. Although Linda is no slouch, Betty Bacall came out on top that time!

Linda has had a long and illustrious career and continues to work now. One of her last guest star appearances was as a soap opera queen and vineyard owner in "Schitt's Creeks," in which she was fabulous!

Keep truckin', Linda!


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