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The Dynamic Tovah Feldshuh

"As long as you know your stuff we're good!"...

...Tovah pronounced before we started our session in her grand apartment on Central Park West which was immaculate. The walls and grand piano were covered in photographs, many of whom were of Ruth Gordon, a dear friend.

Tovah's noteworthy performances include her portrayal of Golda Meir in Golda's Balcony, her one-woman act as hotel queen Leona Helmsley, and her hysterically humorous performance on the television series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, among many more and too many to mention. Despite her breathtaking resume from film and theater, my inner fanboy was most excited from her appearances on The Walking Dead.

Tovah is a force with whom I wanted to collaborate for my project on the world's greats and notables in the arts and culture, and she didn't disappoint as she proudly worked the camera with incredible focus. At 69 years old and 5'3" tall, I got the impression that she could kick some ass if she had to. Her muscle tone and build were incredible, and made all 6'1" of me feel small in stature.

She was dynamic, forceful, and knew what she wanted. She was truly one of kind. A legend in the acting world that's still fearlessly going strong.


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